Atomic bomb on hiroshima

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  • Publicado : 2 de mayo de 2011
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Atomic Bomb in Japan, Persuasive Essay

In 1945 the World War II was ending, on August of the same year, the United
States used it’s a new atomic bomb against Japan, giving a tragic end to thewar, and shocking the whole world. It was August 6, 1945, after months of organization of the top secret Manhattan Project, when the United States dropped an atomic bomb on a city in the south of Japan,Hiroshima. The number of people killed by this is not determinate.
3 days after the terrible incident in Hiroshima, another bomb was dropped, this time on Nagasaki, just like the first bomb, itcaused the destruction of almost all the city and the death of thousands. After the Manhattan project was done, there was a discussion between the scientists that participated on the project. The bigquestion was: Should the Atomic Bomb be dropped or not? The principal argument for the drooping of the bomb is that with this the war on the pacific would have ended sooner, saving the lives if youngAmericans and showing power to another countries, especially Russia. One of the most important arguments against, said that the war was almost won, it was not necessary a bomb, because the war was going toend in approximately 6 months. So was the decision of the scientist and the American Government correct or not? Japan was going to surrender shortly, its collapse was coming in the nest months, maybethis war was already won by America, but the war against another countries in Europe, was just starting, this big weapon was used to show the power that America had, they had an atomic bomb, that wasused against Japan, and it could be used against another country too.

Thousands of people of different countries were killed, during World War II, because of the bombing and kamikazes. 6 yearsbefore the dropping of the atomic bomb, the President Franklin D. Roosevelt talked about the World War II and the bombarding of civilian population. “(the ruthless bombing from the air), which has...