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1. What do the Works of John Singleton Copley and of Benjamin West show us about 18th century American painting?

The work of John and Benjamin express the neutrality in the figures and inthe tones of color in the painting. In the portrait, john did not paint the personality with a certain power or in other words with an authority/ social figures. Instead John painted people working inordinary jobs of that time. Johns painting have a simple setting, plain. The lighting is clear and revealing and the man is dressed with working cloth like hi shirtsleeve. John portrait put a greatfocus in the eyes and facial expression. Another beautiful thing in John painting is the contrast of light and shadow. Benjamin’s painting blendes this realism of details with the grand tradition ofhistory painting by arranging his figures in a complex and theatrically ordered composition. Benjamin presents another type of hero. He no longer represents Christian martyrs, but men that give theirlives for their country. What is interesting about Benjamin is that he excellently combines traditional painting with modern realism.

2. Compare the self-portraits of Judith Leyster and ElisabethLouise Vigee-Lebrun.

In the two paintings we see portraits of woman artist, and are self-portraits by the same author. In the two portraits the image shows the talented young women to attractthe attention of the viewer. The face of the young women reflects joy, serenity and security and that Is Reflected in their smile and relaxed pose. In both paintings the two women appear in theirprofession, the two have the palette in their left hand and brush in right hand and they Are seated in front of a painting on an easel.

The Difference between Judith and Elisabeth is the styleand use of color. Judith uses more opaque colors and it is not very bright. Her style is really natural defined, such as the sleeves and skirt of her dress we can see the lines but they not well...
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