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Flora :

Plant life in Australia is divided into three different areas:
In the tropics there are oak, ash, cedar, boxwood, beech, palm, fern and vine.
The temperate zone has large clusters ofpine and eucalyptus.
In the desert grasses dominate vast areas of arid and practically devoid of vegetation.

Climate ;

Most of the climate of Australia is desert or semi-arid type with 40% of theland surface is covered with sand dunes. Only the southeast and south have a temperate climate and fertile soil. The northern region has a tropical climate


Here are some typical dishes ofAustralia: 

The Pavlova: a cake fascinating and one of the desserts flag of Australia. It is made of cream in preparation combined with meringue and various fresh fruits like peaches, cherries,strawberries and peaches. 
Grain Chicken: A snack for half day made with chicken marinated in pineapple and wine. 
Kangaroo tail soup: This soup made with the tail of mammalian species diversity isone of the eccentricities of the sweet sauce isla.Barramundi This typical local fish cooked with wild herbs and mixed with a sauce made of kiwis and peaches. 
Yabbies: Also called crayfish, thesedelicious roast cooked on a bed of vegetables and sour sauce. The firing lasted for several hours and is usually on hot logs.

Fauna :

The kangaroo, koala, wombat, platypus, Tasmanian devil,dingo,Buffalo, antelope, australian robins, swallows forest, paradise birds, emu, Australia is home to many dangerous animals including some of the most venomous snakes and frogs in the World.

Ecosystems:In Australia there are four: deserts, grasslands, rain forest and chaparral

Important places:

Sydney Opera House, which presents theater, dance, music and variety shows throughout the year.Blue Mountains: This stunning natural habitat. You will see rubber trees and you can find here a blue haze, which had given the mountain its present name, is a product of fat exuded a fine mist of...
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