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  • Publicado : 24 de mayo de 2011
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Escuela Secundaria Técnica Particular N°2

“Colegio Agustín García Conde”

Reseña de la película



Alumna :Hernández Carreras Águeda Alicia

Maestra :Noemi Neaves Lezama

Grupo :2° Grupo :”B” N.L.10


This film is about many frames is not a movie like others that only focus on a single story and this is what makes the plot catch you is not likeother love impossible ill who die or who leave always good also victorious from rich families who lived in the Second World War, this film is something closer to the reality that some people lived in the Second World War. A woman (Lady Sarah Ashley Nicole Kidman) who lived in England and her husband owned of lands ranching in "Australia" and thought that the only reason that her husband spent somuch time on the land is because he was cheating then decided to go to "Australia"the lands of her husband called Faraway Downs. "

To come to this country receives Drover Hugh Jackman but his presentation was not very good he was a horseman and was all dirty from the same and it was very clean and did not give the friends start to get "" Faraway Downs . Lady Ashley finds her husband dead and saidhe had been killed by an aborigine named King George here is also vested with all the "Faraway Downs." And a child (Brandon Walters Nullah) that a native son of Daisy and the foreman called for "Faraway Downs." Call (Fletcher David Wenham), which at first is not known but was being bankrupt to "Faraway Downs." And he believed that being white was a major power on Aboriginal and abused them andtried to see how Aboriginal asley lady dismissed him and told that was left was a man who had a drinking problem named Kipling Flynn who teaches him some papers that show how many animals are not marked that Fletcher did not had taught.

As he was a mestizo Nullah had to hide from the police because if it would send to war a day to hide his mother Daisy hid him in the water tank but this was veryrusty because he was old began to fill with water and then Daisy could not swim to try to save her son from the moment she dies Lady Ashley begins to grow fond of Nullah and he says he has to bring the whole ship cattle to the army and then begin the journey that Fletcher is of sabotage to start a stampede which killed Kipling Flynn and helps Nullah grandfather (King George.) who thought he hadkilled the husband of Lady Ashley and finally reach the boat, but here are the final hurdle to win the money be the first to climb all the animals on the boat but do so and then between Lady Ashley and Drover had started a spark of love.

But it was the end of the problems King Carney owns the majority of livestock from Australia wanted to stay with "Faraway Downs." And he proposed a grand bargainwith Lady Ashley, but she told Carney that Fletcher had been the corned of husband to find out what killed him goodbye and Fletcher to take over all their lands and money since it was the fiance of the daughter of Carney and tries to take over completely from "Faraway Downs Lady Ashley revenge
And robs Nullah difficulties begin to see the war and the mestizos are sent to an island and that LadyAshley struggles to adopt but Drover says q is not grabbing well so Drover fight and be a cattle herd but has an argument with her ex brother in law as Drover was married to an Aboriginal and white because it was frowned upon for having cast such a thing but then reacts and realizes he really loves her and is going to look but at the same days began to bombard the island that was Nullah and thenAustralia so I think that Lady Ashley Drover is dead so it will look for Nullah to reach the island was destroyed and he said that Lady Ashley was dead but return to Australia and Lady Ashley is about to leave, but heard a harmonic Kipling Flynn gave Nullah and runs to see if they were and are struggling to get ahead "Faraway Downs. "
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