Australian history

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Australia history

Before being discovered by the French believe that Australia has been inhabited for 48,000 to 42,000 years. Those first settlers of Australia would reach the island by sea steps and land bridges from Southeast Asia.

The first Australians were the ancestors of Aboriginal Australians today.

Believed to have been around 1530 when the French discovered Australia.

And in1606 the Spanish explored it and gave it the name of Australia, in honor of the house of Austria.
The Dutch, from 1616 to 1636 explored the coastline and changed the name to call it like New Holland. In 1642 Abel Tasman discovered Tasmania

The Englishman James Cook explored the east coast and to 1788 when the first penal colony of England (after she lost her thirteen American colonies) whoseaim was to colonize those territories. It was established in Port Jackson (New South Wales). It was founded by Arthur Phillip on 26 June 1788. Thus was born the city of Sydney.

Indigenous Australians, with approximately 350,000 inhabitants decreased significantly from the settlement of European settlers due to infectious diseases and cultural disintegration.
In 1901 when it created theConfederation or the Republic of Australia, an independent confederation formed by an Act of British Parliament.
Since 1942 Australia is part of the British Commonwealth and adopted a federal constitution and created an autonomous parliament.

important features

One of the most important characteristics of security in Australia is small as in large cities.

The lifestyle in Australia depends onthe size and geographic location as the weather has an important influence. However, all cities in Australia offer excellent quality of life. Australian schools and the opportunity to ride in the country make Australia an attractive country.

Most Australians live in coastal cities and so are highly related to the sea or mountains. The main activities are outdoors. On weekends the most popularactivity is going to enjoy the numerous beaches of crystalline water that has the country.


A bright and vibrant city built around one of the most beautiful bays in the world, with dozens of spectacular beaches within walking distance from the cosmopolitan heart. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, the largest city and Australia's oldest, established by the firstsettlers in 1788.

The Sydney Opera House

This architectural work was begun in 1959 and was inaugurated in 1973.

It is a very special building at Bennelong Point, which houses the Australian opera companies, ballet and theater and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. The complex includes a number of restaurants. It is also possible to make a tour.

Type of space: urban-coastal area.

Type oftourism: Architectural, Artistic, Cultural, Commercial.

It is a resort on the sea in the northwest corner of Sydney Harbour, has beaches on the ocean and the Port. Manly can be reached by ferry or JetCat, a fast ferry.

About Manly Wharf restaurants, boutiques and the Ocean World aquarium.

Visit the old Quarantine Station at North Head from where you get an unbeatable view. You can makeday trips or special visits from the Ghosts in the evening. The area around Manly is ideal for scenic walks and the famous beach offers a range of water activities.

To the north and south of the city you will find white sandy beaches, minutes away by bus, ferry or taxi. Within the bay itself will find the beaches of Balmoral, Nielsen Park and Camp Cove. For surfing, Bondi, Bronte and Coogee inthe south and Manly, Collaroy, Palm Beach in the north.

Type of area: urban and coastal areas.

Type of tourism: Adventure, Commercial, Sports.

Darling Harbour
Is the center of celebrations in Sydney.
It comes to this modern port five minutes away by car, ferry, bus and monorail. Explore the 200 stores in the Harbourside shopping complex and restaurants try one of the Harbourside on...
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