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  • Publicado : 3 de febrero de 2012
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Have you ever been in public and seen a child displaying unusual or compulsive behaviors and think derogatory thoughts towards them? Next time, think a little differently because that might be mygood friend Jacob. Jacob has an obsession for dinosaurs, one that possibly could last his whole life. Jacob is twelve years old. Jacob is autistic.
My experience with Jacob has opened my eyes notto see the obvious, but to look beyond. The next chapter in my life will present new opportunities somewhere, buried in the challenges of learning just as when I first met Jacob.
After meeting mynew friend I started volunteering during the summers at a community camp for Autistic children. Starting as a buddy assigned to a camper, I then ascended in rank to counselor-in-training and finallycounselor. The summer camps are run by an organization called F.A.C.T. (Families of Autistic Children in Tidewater). Throughout the year they also hold monthly teen nights and socials for theautistic community of which I participate regularly. Just recently, I was invited to Oakland University in Michigan for Joey Travolta’s film camp, OUCARES. During the week, I guided Autistic Childrenthrough the process of making a movie. Starting with brainstorming, I helped the children advance through the whole process of making a movie including filming and editing of the final production.Some would say this is my call to service, but I’m just starting to discover how great it feels to be passionate about tackling the challenges that lie ahead. I have only dipped my toes in the collegeexperience, but getting the chance to dive in and embrace the learning opportunities ahead only makes me more enthusiastic about my future. Working with autistic children has portrayed the differencesof communication between human beings and methods of accomplishing difficult tasks with limited resources.
Autistic children are kids with no fear, they just go for it. Now it is my turn to do...
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