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  • Publicado : 23 de septiembre de 2010
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Setup will prompt you to extract DX9 - You will need to execute the Setup file that you extract so remember where you extracted the required files and follow the installer.

[PC] Complete Halo 2for XP Standalone Installer

Included is everything you need to play Halo 2 on XP.

Both Level Workarounds

Guaranteed to work on XP.

Credit goes torespective crackers.
Special mention: dopeman and kurgs.


This bypass for level 12 is viewable in the installation directory under "Halo Level 12 Fix".1. Play the game until you get to the Gravemind level (12); as the level tries to load you will get the message "Sorry, insert you original Halo 2 disk." Inserting either the original or any otherdisk does nothing since the drive is never accessed.)

2. Close and restart the game and let it get to the main menu screen.

3. Hit the Windows Key on the keyboard to minimize the game and openprocess monitor, let it run and monitor processes (the list wil fill rapidly).

4. Click on the Halo 2 icon in the taskbar to re-maximize the game.

5. Click on "Campaign". Do not resume, selectnew and then select the Gravemind level.

6. Let it load (it will take a while because Process Monitor is slowing it down.) Then Alt-Tab back to windows and close Process Monitor once the level beginsloading. It will take a while to get back to windows since your PC is running slowly. It is recommended to hit the Windows key to force yourself back to desktop.

7. Don't wory about missing theintro video; once the level loads, it can be restarted from within the level.

8. Re-maximize the level, hit the escape key and select restart the level (if you want to see the intro again). The levelcan be reloaded from checkpoints as long as you are within the level, if you quit the level for any reason, you will have to run the Process Monitor again while the level loads.

9. You can load...
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