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  • Publicado : 12 de marzo de 2010
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In the late 1800’s there were a lot o changes in America. One of them is

Immigration, many people come from Europe, Mexico and other parts of theworld. Some came to America for better opportunities or jobs. Others

came to get free land in the west, like in the movie Joseph defended hisfather. Shannon and my brother Rafael showed compassion and initiative through immigration.

Shannon showed initiative and compassion in the movie Far and Away.Shannon was a kind of person that had all opportunities in life. She was very rich in their country but she decided to, go to America. She tookinitiative to invite Joseph to go with her. She also had compassion with Joseph. She cared about him and she didn’t want Mr. Christie to kill him.

My brotherRafael showed initiative and compassion also through immigration. Rafael took the initiative to came to the United States. He knew that in Mexico did nothave opportunities. He wanted to have a better job so he could send money for us in Mexico. He also had compassion with my mom, he loves my mom and he caresabout all my brothers.

In conclusion many people have initiative and compassion like Shannon and Rafael. Shannon showed initiative when she invitedJoseph to go with her. She also has compassion with Joseph because she cares about him. My brother Rafael has initiative because he came a lone to this countryto help us. He shows compassion to my mom because, he always send money home, I think that most people don’t have the same opportunities that others have.
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