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  • Publicado : 3 de octubre de 2010
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Autobiography of the knower
My name is Jose Diego Venegas Llorente. I am 16 years old. I was born on October 6th, 1993, Guayaquil-Ecuador. I have been in 9 different schools. My only hobby is toplay soccer. My favorite subject is math. My favorite colors are blue and white. I have four brothers, three boys and one girl. I like to know what kinds of things are being created or done in order tosatisfy our needs as day passes. I am not all gullible nor totally skeptic person so it makes from me a balanced person.
The fact of being in 9 different schools makes me a different kind of knowerbecause in every school, the way they transmit knowledge to me, was different. For example, in one school the formula of a specific math problem was different how they used to apply in other schools.This made me think and analyze that there are different kinds of way to make us, the knower, learn something. By being in 9 schools this made me change the view of knowledge, that it has many ways ofexpressing it and showing it to others because of different perceptions, but only if you can support it.
By being a sort of balanced person, not gullible nor skeptic, makes from me a kind of openminder who fairly proves someone’s answer wrong but if I truly believe in what I know, such as math, then I just can prove my answer as the correct one by supporting my “formula” in any case. That’s whymath I take as a true knowledge subject whether something is true or false.
My knowledge has changed from time to time. Such as when I was little I believed that Santa Claus was real and that he wasthe one that brought me the presents in Christmas. As well the tooth fairy that supposedly was in charge of giving me money by each tooth that I stuck out of my mouth. But as time passed I was shownthat everything like that was false. As well as from where the babies came from. They had told me that we came from a blessed seed that God had given to my mom, blue for boys and pink ones if it was a...
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