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|Installation, Configuration, and Hardware |

Installation and Configuration
Installing from Dual CD/DVD ROM Drive Systems
• Installation fails if you attempt to install AutoCAD with both install CDs in each drive of a dual CD/DVD ROM drive system. When asked for the second install disk, theinstall routine is unable to recognize the disk in the second CD drive. You must replace the first disk with the second disk in the same drive in order to complete the installation.
HTML Help fails when invoked from a network drive
• Due to a limitation imposed by the Windows Security Update #896258 from Microsoft, invoking the Help system from a network drive fails. Specifically, theActiveX control that launches the help topics from the Table of Contents no longer functions. You will encounter a "Page Cannot Be Displayed" warning.
Disk Imaging
• If your computer is in a SATA RAID environment and you are experiencing licensing instability, using disk imaging software to distribute Autodesk products can cause problems with product activation. If you attempt to activate theproduct in a SATA RAID environment, you may get an "Activation code limit exceeded" message.
Error Reporting
• The Error Report message, which is displayed when your AutoCAD session ends unexpectedly, encourages you to send error reports to Autodesk. Error reports help Autodesk identify and resolve many problems with the product. The Error Report message is similar to the one that is shown whenan application ends unexpectedly on a computer running Microsoft® Windows® XP. Error reporting records the portion of the product that is in use when the work session ends. In the Error Report message, click Optional Data, enter the following information, and then click Send Report:
o Information about what you were doing in AutoCAD before your session ended unexpectedly
o Yourcontact information
Providing this information helps Autodesk reproduce the error and fix it as quickly as possible. If an AutoCAD session ends unexpectedly but the Error Report message is not displayed, make sure that the REPORTERROR system variable is set to 1.
64-Bit Operating System Deployments
• Creating a deployment for AutoCAD on an XP 64-bit system is slower than deploymentson an XP 32-bit system. The Deployment Wizard can successfully create a deployment image on a 64-bit system, but the process takes approximately 5 times longer than on a 32-bit system.
Some Non-English 2006 Product Line Installers Fail if 2007 Products Are Already Installed
• The installer for the Autodesk 2007 product line installs a .NET Framework 2.0. This prohibits the installation ofsome non-English Autodesk 2006 products after a 2007 product has been installed. Reinstall .NET 1.1 and its related service pack to install 2006-based products.
1. Insert the 2006-based product CD in the drive.
2. Browse to \Bin\acadFeui\support\dotnetfx\ and double-click dotnetfx.exe to install .NET 1.1.
3. From the same folder, double-click NDP1.1sp1-KB867460-X86.exe toinstall .NET 1.1 Service Pack1.
To install a non-English version,
4. Browse to \Bin\acadFeui\support\dotnetfx\language\ and install langpack.exe.
5. Install the 2006-based products.
Updated PLIST Information Is Ignored
• Updated PLIST information is ignored in a distributed license server environment. Periodically, Autodesk might update the ProductList (PLIST) information in a network license file.
For instance, you have an existing license file, containing PLIST information, residing on the first server of a distributed license server environment. If you purchase another Autodesk product with a license file containing updated PLIST information, and it resides on a different server in the distributed server environment, the older...
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