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Unit 9: What does she look like?

1. Instructions: Complete the following chart with examples that you know. There is an example of each category.
1. HairLength | 2. Hair Style | 3. Hair Color |
long | curly | brown hair |
Medium long | Limp | Blond hair |
short | Medium curly | Red hair |

2. Instructions: Look atthe pictures and highlight the correct answer.
1. a. Mandy Moore has blond, straight, long hair.
b. Mandy Moore has long, wavy, brown hair.

2. a. RobertPattinson has short, curly, light brown hair.
b. Robert Pattinson has curly, light brown, short hair.

3. Instructions: Rewrite the sentences with the wordsin parentheses.
(short, medium height, tall)
1. Andy is 14 years old and 1.68 meters tall. Andy is medium height.__
2. John is 16 years old and 1.90 meterstall. John is tall
3. Susie is 15 years old and 1.50 meters tall. Susie is short

(thin, medium build, heavy)
1. Katie is 1.60 meters tall and 48 kilos.Katie is thin
2. Sam is 1.65 meters tall and 72 kilos. Sam is heavy
3. Abby is 1.76 meters tall and 70 kilos. Abby is mediun build

4. Instructions: Jointhe sentences to make only one. Use present participles or prepositions.
1. Linda is the pretty girl. She is reading a book.
Linda is the pretty girl. She is read abook
2. Tom is the little boy. He is wearing blue jeans and a sweater.
Tom is the little boy. He is wear blue jeans and sweater
3. Richard and Tim are thetall students. They are behind the coach.

4. Charlie is the hansome guy. He has big blue eyes.
Charlile is the hansome guy and has big blue eyes
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