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PicoScope Diagnostics
PC Oscilloscope Kit

Oscilloscope diagnostics for petrol and diesel vehicles

Save time, save money
The kit turns any PC or laptop with a USB port into a powerful automotive diagnostics tool. Test and measure virtually all of the electrical and electronic components and circuits found in a modern vehicle, including: • • • • • • • • Ignition (Primary and Secondary)Injectors and Fuel Pumps Battery, Starter and Charging Circuits ABS sensors, Crank and Cam Sensors Lambda, Airflow, Knock and MAP Sensors Glow Plugs and Timer Relays Relative Compression CANbus, LIN bus and FlexRay

Increase your repair rate and keep your customers happy
• Achieve more first-time fixes • Don’t just rely on the fault code or even on guesswork: confirm the fault for yourself beforereplacing a part • Hand over the vehicle to the customer with confidence • Improve your understanding of engines and other components The kit is suitable for a range of users including OEMs, franchised and non-franchised garages, breakdown and roadside recovery organisations, and mobile diagnostic and repair services.

Kit Contents
PicoScope 4423 4-Channel Kit Contents
• •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • PicoScope 4423 automotive oscilloscope 60 A AC/DC current clamp 600 A AC/DC current clamp Two-pin break-out lead Acupuncture probe set Insulation-Piercing Probes 4 x 20:1 attenuators Dolphin clip (black) Dolphin clip (red) 4 x BNC to 4 mm test leads 4 x Secondary ignition pickup leads 2 x Small croc clips (red) 2 x Small croc clips (black) 2 xMultimeter probes (red) 2 x Multimeter probes (black) S-Hook Automotive software CD Vehicle Electronics Diagnostic Course CD USB cable Quick start guide Carry case Extra 60 A AC/DC current clamp 2 x Fuse buddies (ATC and mini ATC) COP probe 4 x Spark plug extension leads 2 x 60 MHz scope probes Set of 4 breakout cables

Additional Items in Advanced Kit

Scope Technical Specifications
• • • • • • •• •

2 or 4 channels High resolution Deep “always on” 32M sample memory ±100 V max. input range 200 V input protection DC to 20 MHz frequency range 80 MS/s sampling rate Connected to and powered by USB 2.0 Runs on Windows XP 32-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit & 64-bit

Ordering Information
Product PicoScope 4423 Kit PicoScope 4423 Scope PicoScope 4223 Kit PicoScope 4223 Scope Advanced Kit PicoScope3423 Scope PicoScope 3223 Scope

Order Code PP495 PP503 PP494 PP502 PP537 PP277 PP279

Price (ex. VAT) £1395 £799 £975 £499 £1995 £699 £399

Finance available. Please ask for details. You can order each component in the kit separately if you require any extra or replacement parts. Please visit our dedicated automotive website for more information: www.picoauto.com

We have a network of distributors worldwide, details of which can be found at:

PicoScope Diagnostics
Supplied with all Pico Technology Diagnostics Kits, the PicoScope Automotive software is a powerful tool for capturing and viewing waveforms from almost any electrical or electronic system in today’s motor vehicles. The software contains over 80 pre-loaded testsand reference waveforms under a simple “Automotive” menu. Each one launches a detailed help topic, and automatically sets up the oscilloscope and the software ready to acquire the waveform. You can easily save new waveforms to create your own reference library.

Example Waveforms and Tests
Injector Voltage and Current The trace shows injector voltage (blue) and current (red). The dip in thecurrent waveform occurs when the solenoid (pintle) opens and the fuel begins to flow. This test is ideal for identifying slow or sticking injectors without having to remove them from the engine. Air Flow Meter (air vane type) This is a mechanical air flow meter in which a wiper moves across a carbon track. In this case the track has been worn away, leading to sudden drops in the waveform to...
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