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  • Publicado : 10 de noviembre de 2010
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The life of the engineers could be a very hard, the life of the engineer can be very complicated and dangerous, and the responsibility should be the most importantquality in his job.
I thought about  my career, and  I’M can be dreaming the best job, I would like learn the political sciences and apply in the engineering field, in  theresources human department in  mi job, my factory, or with the community. I would like get a job very important in the industry, but do not want to sit, while theremainder work, I must work very hard, for to set an example to the other employees. Is very important know who I am, and too is important know to where I go. In the life thepeople always should remember the humility, come so far, and will be a great person. Is a need for me, one industrial engineer help the community and help for thetechnological development for the people, I’m should always proactive in all situations. Learn the different sciences, and I’m in peace with myself, will be the best option for myprofessional life.
I admire former President Uribe, because thanks to the Colombia is a country best, since there is so much insecurity, and you can travel on the roadsquiet and that is very good because it attracts tourists, active trade, creates jobs and keeps people quiet.
Former President Uribe was a great opponent of theGuerrilla, and in turn helped the army to train for combat and thus be able to killing blows its top leaders. this is a sign of commitment from this man, his courage isadmirable, simple, and his courage, Colombia should be very grateful. I Hope the new president also has a strong character in order to achieve the peace we want in this country.
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