Automatización de un suavizador de calderas

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  • Publicado : 30 de junio de 2010
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Javier Alexander Colmenares Molina, Yerson Mosquera Rivas, ABSTRACT

In the foundation VALLE del LILI has a system water softener that feeds two boilers her which one worked with manual operation for the regenerate. This process had to makehim the laborer manipulating a series of valves that they are them that the step and the cut through the system permit softener. In each stage in the process they should have controlled times by himself laborer that at times ideals for the process were not . Our objectives are, Implementing an automatic control system for the regeneration of zeolita's softener that he feeds louses up to boilers andthus maintaining the hardness of water in the ranges of operation permitted. Besides controlling of automatic mode the cycles of regeneration of the softener to maintain the hardness of the water of nutrition in moral values permitted like soft apt waters for boilers. RESUMEN

En la fundación VALLE DE LILI hay un sistema suavizador de agua que alimenta dos calderas la cuál funcionaba conoperación manual para el regenerado. Este proceso lo tenía que hacer el operario manipulando una serie de válvulas que son las que permiten el paso y el corte a través del sistema suavizador. En cada etapa durante el proceso se debían controlar tiempos por el mismo operario que en ocasiones no eran ideales para el proceso. Nuestros objetivos son, Implementar un sistema de control automático para laregeneración del suavizador de zeolita que alimenta agua a calderas y así mantener la dureza del agua en los rangos de operación permitidos. Además controlar de modo automático los ciclos de regeneración del suavizador para mantener la dureza del agua de alimentación en los valores permitidos como aguas blandas aptas para calderas.


Javier Alexander Colmenares Molina, Yerson Mosquera Rivas, ABSTRACT In quotidian life the water always goes accompanied of substances that the impurities can be considered some cases I eat such: Mineral smelling salts, dissolved gases, organic matter, solids in general. You substantiate happinesses in hischaracter of impurities they can cause problems in inter-heat exchangers, when such like the hardness give certain properties the water than cause incrustations or else, the grade of acidity or alkalinity, also known as pH. In muches of facilities the industrials have steam-driven generators like essential part in his processes themselves, they count these teams's muches with a system or plant for thetreatment of waters and making the conditions of these suitable and to convert them in apt for such end. The problem is than in companies's majority where the boilers have the treatment of waters themselves, and specially he does the process of regeneration of softeners of manual manner, incurring in errors of default operation or he is missing of knowledge in the manner of how he must do a goodprocess of regenerated. This does not mean that the manual regeneration of the softener be not enough or that always the regenerate make a bad impression done. The idea is to implement an automatic system to guarantee a constant process and without lack of the regenerate one belonging to the softener. On the market some automatic methods exist for the regenerate one belonging to softeners that theyare evident of a valve temporized that he finds his place on the softener's tank and have a time

adjustment to program the cycles of regeneration, also another type of valve to program the cycles of retro-washings of the sand filter and gravel exists . These systems of regenerated and washed automatic of softeners they are for us expensive because we would have to change all of the elements...
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