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  • Publicado : 10 de noviembre de 2010
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Sol Suarez
The Great Discovery

Chapter 1
In the prison
In this chapter talked about two guys that were in prison the name of the first man was Tim he was at the prison about 5 years ago and the name of the other man was Ahmed he was at prison just a week.
Ahmed wanted to talk with Tim but Tim didn’t wanted to talked with Ahmed, so Ahmed said to Tim that he knows about Maria and Tim wantedto knew about Maria, but Ahmed said to him that he would talked about Maria if Tim told all about the bracelet.

Chapter 2
The bracelet
Tim began to told to Ahmed that when he was at the train station in the Cairo he saw a beautiful woman she had a long black strange hair and also had black eyes and a beautiful mouth, but something more got Tim attention it was a bracelet that was around thewrist of Maria it look like a cobra and their were made of red jewels , so Tim began to asked a lot of questions about it and he wanted to saw and touch the bracelet but Felix and Maria told to him that it was impossible that anybody couldn’t touch it, but Maria let him to look carefully to the bracelet and he could read a name on it, the same was CLEOPATRA, it was a really beautiful bracelet,made from gold and really heavy, suddenly Maria said to Tim that it wasn’t the only things that they had from Cleopatra so Tim got really interested on it , and he wanted to knew more about the bracelet.

Chapter 3
Tim goes to Alexandria
Tim was looking out by the window of the train and he saw the traders in the outside of the train in others trips he also looked very carefully to the tradersbut in this moment all that things don’t have so much importance Tim got all his attention on the bracelet of the cobra, he wanted to knew how that bracelet was in the hands of Maria, and he said to Maria and Felix that the bracelet had to be at a museum and Maria and Felix told to Tim that anybody couldn’t knew about the bracelet, when they arrived to Alexandria they got down of the train a Felixbegan to walked across the people who were at the station trains Maria and Felix follow him and suddenly they disappear into the people.

Chapter 4
The Treasure
Tim asked to Felix were they lived but Felix only said in the old town, they begin to walked across the city, when Tim was walking at the street he saw so many interesting shops, nut in a certain moment Tim looked around and he sawthat he was alone, Tim got lost because for his eyes all the streets were similar, when they arrived to the house the first looked of it was amazing it had a beautiful garden with oranges trees, and beautiful flowers around it, also had a pool, Tim got into the house to met the professor, the professor was Maria father, suddenly the old man put all the treasure in front of Tim and he began to putout all the things that he had out of the box there were rings of gold, the bracelet, a beautiful dress, and an a smaller shoes, all the things to the belong to the last pharaoh Cleopatra all the things were little, so Tim deduce that Cleopatra was a smaller one person, Tim was blinding for all this thing so he asked to the professor how it is that all that treasure were in his hands, so the oldman began to retell a history, he said that when the last pharaoh died a thief goes to his tomb and stole the treasure, but in the next days the thief couldn’t ate and slept until he died, so the treasure come back to the family, Tim deduce that before last Maria family were Greeks, because Ptolemaic pharaohs employed Greeks to take care of the treasure, but the old man don’t want that anybody knewabout the treasure.

Chapter 5
A mysterious warning
The professor let Tim took photos of the treasure but first he made promise to Tim that he didn’t told to anybody about the treasure and where he saw it, and Tin accept it, but he didn’t could took the picture because the camera that he had don’t had any film, Maria lend her camera to Tim but it fell down and broke up, when the old man...
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