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Valle del Cauca, a region of exceptional beauty and plentiful resources, is one of the most captivating places in the country. 
Its spectacular landscapes, the diversity of its climates, therichness of its soil, its wonderful rivers and forests as well as its booming cities, make of this department a fascinating place. 
It lies in western Colombia and its surface covers an area of 22,140square kilometres. Nearly four and a half million people live there. 
This department borders Chocó, Quindío, Risaralda, Tolima, Cauca and the Pacific Ocean. Its creation dates back to 1910.
The landarea has many different topographical features: the plain of the Pacific, the zone of the western Andean cordillera (mountain range), the western slope of the Central Andean cordillera and theinter-Andean Cauca river valley, a very fertile area where agriculture is the most important sector of the economy. 
Valle del Cauca is Colombia's largest sugar-cane producer. It also has large rice fields andgrows sorghum, yucca, coffee, cocoa, cotton, corn and bean crops. The livestock industry is based on bovine, ovine, pork and equine breeding. 
The territory is also rich in coal, limestone, marble,gold, silver, platinum, iron and asbestos. The department ranks third among other Colombian departments for industrial development.
The Vallecaucanos are the descendants of diverse racial groups whohave been intermarrying throughout many generations. Many centuries ago, various native groups such as the Lilíes and the Gorrones lived in this region. Then, the Spaniards arrived and broughtAfricans as their slaves. Later, large groups from different European countries arrived and at the beginning of the 20th century there was a large influx of Japanese people. 
Buenaventura, a port city onthe Pacific Ocean, is the most important sea port of the country, due to the immense amount of import and export cargo traffic. Near Buenaventura, the archipelago of Malpelo is found. This is a...
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