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Jake Sully, a Marine veteran wounded in combat and left a paraplegic, was selected to participate in the Avatar occupying the position as a scientist, exerted his recently deceased twin brother. Inthis way, Jake is transferred to Pandora, a moon of the planet Polyphemus whose atmosphere is toxic to humans and which also houses an amazing biodiversity, is inhabited by na'vi, a humanoid race withblue skin and some features felinos.13 Humans are in conflict with Native Omaticaya clan because they are seated around a giant tree, known to them as Mother Tree, which covers a huge vein of amineral highly prized: the Unobtainium. The existence of this mineral has led to a private company to create a project for the exploitation of mineral resources, led by Parker Selfridge in civil and MilesColonel Quaritch in the military.
Jake and minds of scientists led by Dr. Grace Augustine, whose only interests are in Omaticaya culture and the study of the moon, are transferred to artificial bodiesof some genetically engineered na'vi (avatars) while they remain unconscious link booths. In this way, communication with the natives and thus is easier to convince them to leave peacefully MotherTree. For his part, Colonel Quaritch convinces Jake to provide information on the natives in the event it becomes necessary to resort to force to leave, and he promises to reward you can recover yourlegs invalid.

Jake, Grace and Dr. Norm Spellman are taken to the jungles of Pandora by the pilot Trudy Chacon. While doctors examined the vegetation, Jake is haunted by a beast and as a result, fallsinto a river and lost. While trying to orient themselves, it is spying Neytiri, Omaticaya clan princess, who is about to kill him, but then a seed of the Tree of Souls, a tree sacred to the na'vi,sits at the tip of his arrow; Neytiri interpreted as a signal, so Jake decided to let live and just saving his life when attacked by a herd of animals. When navy is deciding what to do with Jake,...
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