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  • Publicado : 26 de enero de 2012
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Soul Surfer:
Anna Sophia Robb = Bethany Hamilton
Dennis Quaid = Tom Hamiltton
Helen Hunt = Cheri Hamilton
Carrie Underwood = SarahHill
Lorraine Nicholson = Alana Blanchard
Ross Thomas = Noah Hamilton
Chris Brochu = Timmy Hamilton
Sonya Balmores = Malina Birch
Bethanyhiltton was a very good surfer from kawai she spend allot of time surfing whith her best friend alanna Blanchard.
They was training for a reallyimportant competition.
A couple of days before the competition they decide to go surf on another beach.
Surfing Bethany suffers a shark attack. The sharkattack make her lose she´s arm, so she go to an hospital. A really interesting data it was that she go to the same hospital of the father. The father ofBethany it was going to get a operation in he´s leg but the doctor say him that the heard of a shark attack in the same beach that was surfingBethany.
Bethany have a operation that save her life and she lern that if you want to do something you can do it for your own.
In the finish she get the 3rdplace I think in the competition but she´s enemy give her the 1st place of competition. In conclusion I think that is a really important film thatmakes you thing about the things you can do.
Special effects:
In the movie they use a green cloth that covers the entire arm of Bethany, with thiseffect you can cover her arm like she lose it.
They use a flash animation for the shark.
They use allot of effects for put the waves in high quality.
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