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  • Publicado : 14 de septiembre de 2010
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Masters and johnson’s 4 stages of sexual response:
1. Excitement
2. Pleateau
3. Orgasm
4. Resolution
Vascongestion- an accumulation of blood in the vessels of a region of the body,in the genitals causes swelling or erection
Myotonia- muscle contraction
Excitement- the first stage of sexual response during which erection in the male and vaginal lubrication in the female occursPlateau- the second stage of sexual response just before orgasm
Orgasm platform- the tightening of the entrance to the vagina caused by contractions of the bulbospongious muscle.
Orgasm- the thirdstage of sexual response; an intense sensation that occurs a the peak of sexual arousal and is followed by release of sexual tensions
Resolution- The fourth stage of sexual response, The body returnsto an unaroused state.
Refractory period- The period following orgasm during which the male cannot be sexually aroused.
Clitoral orgasm- Freud’s term for orgasm in the fmale resulting fromstimulation of the clitoris
Vaginal orgasm- Freud’s term for orgasm in the female resulting from stimulation of the vagina.
KAPLAN’s Triphasic Model:
Triphasic Model- Kaplan’s model of sexual response inwhich there are three phases, vasocongestion, muscular contractions and sexual desire.
1. Sexual desire,
2. Vascogonestion
3. Muscular contractions
Retrograde ejaculation- a condition inwhich the orgasm in the male where the male ejaculates in the bladder.
Grafenberg spot (G-spot)- a hypothesized small region on the front wall of the vagina, emptying into the urethra andresponsible for female ejaculation.
Limbic system- a set of structures in the interior of the brain including the amygdale, hippocampus and fornix believed to be important for sexual behavior in both animalsand humans
Organizing effects of hormones- Effects of sex hormones early in development, resulting in permanent change in the brain or reproductive system
Activitating effects of Hormones- Effects...
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