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  • Publicado : 20 de febrero de 2012
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Review Of Harina P.A.N
The advertising campaign used the slogan "It's over the peladera" because of the difficulty presented to arepas in the conventional manner involving cleaning, pounded,cooking, corn grinding and kneading. This, coupled with the demands of the new urban life, triggered the decline in consumption and nearly caused its demise.
Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurialspirit of Lorenzo Mendoza Fleury, Juan Lorenzo Mendoza Quintero and Carlos Roubicek brewmaster, devised a product that simplified treatment manual processes and significantly decreased corn up times ofthe dough to make arepas.
This industrial development became a new food category in the consumer sector in Venezuela and returned this Creole food on the table by guaranteeing the samecharacteristics as color, flavor and aroma of arepas Venezuelans who had used since the time of the colony.
The first day of sale Flour PAN, December 10, 1960, there were 5,280 kilos and sales during the firstmonth were shipped 50,000 kilos. Since then, thousands of women trained by the company came to teach housewives how to make arepas with corn flour, and these, in turn, were charged with passing fromgeneration to generation the easiest way make arepas.

Ad Type: | Product:Harina P.A.N |
| Brand:Polar C.A |
Description: | Text: It was created to facilitate the creation of various foods withflour as it was very difficult to make |
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Method Of Sale: | Issues: Several themes have emerged that indicate food production for ease of elaboration |
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     In Venezuela, given the name of Harina PAN for popularized by tradition or to any brand of precooked corn flour.

     In Venezuela, used tomake other typical dishes of food served hallaca, buns and the typical Italian polenta.

     Since the launch of the brand has managed to keep up as the best selling and most remembered today for...