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The Halls of Moctezuma
1. Description
This story describes Moctezuma, who was the great war chief in the Aztec Empire. He was a tall man, skinny, with dark skin like all Indians, soft eyes andalways looked very serious. He used to live in a palace with two wives and some concubines and guard of over 200 chieftains. All people around him had to show respect. Nobody could look directly in hiseyes when they wanted to speak with him, and they had to stay far away. His cooks had to prepare more than 300 dishes with meat, turkey, ducks and other kinds of animals, and also flesh of young boys asa sacrifice to the gods. He ate at a fancy table with gold cups, and he was served by beautiful women. His servants brought all kinds of fruits and other gifts to gain favor with him. Everybodyshowed Moctezuma great reverence because he was a powerful man for the Aztecs.

2. Analysis:
Moctezuma had all benefits in the Aztecs society. People treat him like a god, but they were afraid of him.He was powerful, and all his subjects revered
 him, was a tyrant, to human sacrifices.
He was egocentric, and demonstrated his power through the intimidation and terror. People who were part of theircommunity, tried to please him in any way to win his affection or favor, also he practiced polygamy.
In contrast to the modern era, a leader has to show empathy with his people, has to be anexample of austerity and work on behalf of his people and not just in their own.
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The Conditionof the Aztec Peasantry
1. Description
The Aztecs had a basic social unit called the Calpulli that offered security to their members but in the other hand the poorest people lived under the tyrannyof their Indian lords, who took the product of their work and made them live miserably. They didn’t have furniture or clothing; they used to live only with what was necessary. The lords and their...
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