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Book Report
Name: Jorge Coronel
DATE: 2010-18-02
Title: The sky The Limit
Author: Norman Whitney
Why you chose the book?
I chose the book because my sistertold me it was good book and it seems to be interesting.
What kind of story is it?
It’s a real life because the man kills himself because of the pressure of his work.
The sky’s thelimit
Max worked for a large company “Friendship Services International” Every day had received lots of letters. These letters asked for FSI products But FSI products had no names they onlyhad numbers and letters: X3Ys, L7Ks, A5Qs what did these numbers and letters mean? Max did not know so at the end Maxs got very very desperate and he kills himself he forgot about his familyand all that was supposed to be important for him and he kill himself.
Characters: Max Price Angela Stephen Julia Mr. Creep Mr. Hightower Frank Steadman Donna Lot, Mr. Price
ConclusionI like the story because is very real because that kind of stuff happens now a days actually many people kills themselves because of work and preoccupations.
The best part of the bookis when he kills himself because I think is very impressive how the guy gets so stressed out that he decides to kill himself I believe this book show us what to much work cad do to us.
Itmake me feel worry and sad because I wouldn’t like to get to that point of my life but also I wondered how many people are probably thinking to kill themselves because of stress at work.Yes I would recommend this book to my friends because it teaches us that we should take control of our life’s before is to late and that work is not the most important thing in life.
Iwould read other books of this actor because I think that his Writing is very real.
I learned that life is a very valuable thing and that we should take care of it and appreciate it a lot.