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  • Publicado : 22 de marzo de 2011
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First Language Acquisition
Babbling Stage

Children progress through various stages in order to learn a language. According to Yule (2006), one of the first stages of language acquisition isthe babbling period. During the period from six to eleven months is when the babbling stage occurs. In this stage, the infant appears to be experimenting with uttering sounds of language, but notproducing any words. Furthermore, the sounds that the baby stars to produce sounds like phonemes.
In this mid-term, I decided to observe my nephew called Madox. He is ten months and he is livingwith his parents. The baby has heard his parents speak to him for the past ten months and this has provided the child to listen different sound patterns. However, Madox is not able to produce realwords. His parent cannot understand what Madox is saying. According to Yule (2006), he says that a baby begins to pull himself into a standing position during the tenth and eleventh months, he becomescapable of using his vocalizations to express emotions and emphasis.
Madox is in the late babbling stage, which is characterized by more complex syllable combinations (Yule, 2006). Syllables such as[ma], [wa], [ba], [pa], [ga], etc. At this age, he is able to produce more nasal sounds. This “pre-language” use of sound provides the child with some experience of the social role of speech becausehis parents tend to react to babbling, however incoherent, as if it is actually the baby´s contribution to social interaction.
I think that this reaction that his parents have is importantbecause he learns to interact with others by the responses his babbling receives.
I observed when his mother says something to him; he automatically responses with syllable combinations trying tosay the same and with a smile, he always smile.
I asked to his mother to interact with him by saying the word “mamá” and she accepted.

Mother: Hola, Madox
Madox: (Smile)...
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