Babies come from love

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Babies come from love
by Zohima M. Graner Martinez

When I was 6-years-old, I asked my mom where do babies come from. Nervously, she chuckled, and gave me what could be the best, yetunspecific, answer a parent could give a child. “Babies come from love,” she said. Love? How could love produce a child? That answer didn’t make much sense to me. Do babies actually come from love?Metaphorically, yes. When we are young, many of us are told that when a female and a male love each other very much they…dot, dot, dot. Parents highlight the fact that babies are produced through an actof love which we later on learn is called sex. But something parents forget to mention is the fact that it doesn’t take a female and a male to create a family. A family, what is a family really? Tomany, it can mean different things, but it’s basically a social unit consisting of parents and their children. Families come in all shapes and sizes; some families consist of single parents whileothers consist of grandparents and children. Some families vary in the amount of members who live in a household, from just the couple to uncles, cousins, parents, grandparents and so forth. If the conceptof a family varies so greatly, why is it uncommon for a homosexual couple to raise a family? Many state that if they raise a family, their children will most likely suffer from psychological problemssuch as depression, anxiety and self-esteem issues. Others believe that they’ll end up rebellious due to teasing and social isolation. But this is all completely false. In fact, there are somebenefits in terms of raising a kid, that gay parents could offer. When it comes to gay parenting, study by two University of Southern California sociologists say that these children show more empathy forsocial diversity and are less confined by gender stereotypes. Lesbian moms, for example, show a different result with their children’s upraising than heterosexual ones. A daughter of a lesbian couple...
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