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  • Publicado : 8 de mayo de 2011
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Gospel fi preach a bongo town, you see I don’t come to cause a controversy
But I’m just gonna speak some truth from Imperial majesty, Haili Selassie mi
Christian brother, Jah-overhJireh

The gospel fi preach dung a bongo town
The gospel fi preach dung a congo town
The gospel fi preach dung a bongo town
The gospel fi preach dung a congo town

Verse 1
Me lovethe church but the Christians save
So me start preach the gospel pon di highways, the by-ways
Inspired by Haile Sellasie, to the ras them we want bring clarity
Mi love drumming and the icegold & green yea!
Mi love the ital vege and the beans and
Mi love the gesture sey man heart fi clean
Wus mi no nam …if yuh know whey me mean
A mi no deh ya so fi cause confusion
But didyou know that Selassie was a Christian
Him make the most churches give the Africans
And bring orthodox to Jamaicans and say a man without
Christ is like a ship without a rudder
(19) 66 whenhim land ina Jamaica, people bow down
Him say rise up mi brother I’m not God I am sent by the father


Verse 2
A nia bingi a make a trod me and mi brethren dem
Nia bingi a gwaandung a May Pen
And when mi stop ina the middle of the square
A hear man a bun gays and queers, another man a bun a
Fire pon another man, another man a tell another man him badder than
True mino rasta, him say mi no him brother
To Selassie that’s a big contradiction, cause Sellasie ano Christ
So a Christ yuh fi honour, ina passa passa business Sellasie never walla
rasta man thisis a tough pill fi swallow but a Jesus Sellasie I follow

Verse 3
The truth hurt but the truth set you free, Ina Mathew 24 Jah sey listen me
When me come again everybody a go see so acouldn’t him land
A Norman Manley, a full time we put down the confusion a house
That’s divided just can’t stand, so go read your bible go read all or
none, it say Jesus a the only Son, me done.
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