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Present Simple

It is the tense of this (and not perfective aspect)

Principio del formulario
There are two important considerations to keep in mind when using the present simple inEnglish, both related to the use of negative and interrogative: we need the auxiliary verb do: I do not (do not) live in Madrid. Do you speak Spanish?
Second, the auxiliary do takes the form does forthe third person singular: She does not speak French. Does he live in Madrid?
Final del formulario

* Afirmativo: I speak English and French - She speaks English and French 
* Negativo: I don't(do not) smoke - He doesn't (does not)
* Interrogativo: Do you speak Spanish?  - Does she speak Spanish?

Express truths, and habitual action, that is, habits or routines in daily lifeAlso used to talk about future events, especially those subject to a schedule, such as arrivals and departures of public transport

Negation and interrogation of the present continuous

To deny thepresent continuous particle we must place not between the auxiliaryand main verb. For questions we have to first assistant and then the personal pronoun.

I'm not eating now
Are you eating?
Usingthe present continuous

This tense can use it to express different things, and in different circumstances:

To refer to actions that are being developed at the same time when it is spoken.

I'mreading a book (at this very moment)
We also use the present continuous to describe things that happen around the timewhen we are talking about.

She is esstudiando English (not just now)
We canuse the present continuous to refer to actions that have taken place with some frecuenca.

You are always working (it does frequently)
When we speak of a future action we have alreadydecided that we will develop. Inthis case we must mention the time in which we will develop the action.

I'm going to Madrid next week
Is tense that expresses actions of this but with some nuances that...
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