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Gastón Peralta Carranza High School
English 1 Test First Semester 2010
Student:________________________________ Section_____
Teacher: Lidia Jiménez Serrano Date: __________________
Total of points: 44 Gotten Points: ___________ Level: 9th

Instructions: Read the instructions of the test very carefully. If you have any doubt or question, ask your teacher. Do not write with apencil. Use a blue or black ink pen.

I Part. Multiple Choices. Select the best alternative according to the text. 14 Pts
Shakira Mebarak (full name: Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll) was born February 2, 1977, in Barranquilla, Colombia, into a poor family. Her mother was a native Colombian and her father was of Lebanese descent, and so as a child Shakira soaked up music from bothcultures; Shakira wrote her first song at age eight, and started learning the guitar at age 11; The first results were Pies Descalzos (Bare Feet), which was initially released in 1995; a slow seller at first, the album gradually caught on thanks to the rock-tinged single "Estoy Aqui," which became a hit all over Latin America, as well as Spain. After that breakthrough, Pies Descalzos just kept spinningoff singles: "Donde Estas Corazon?," "Antología," "Pienso en Ti," "Un Poco de Amor," "Se Quiere, Se Mata." She maintained an extraordinary degree of creative control over her music, especially for a female artist; she wrote or co-wrote nearly all of her own material, and in the process gained a reputation as one of Latin music's most ambitiously poetic lyricists.
1- Shakira was born in _________
()1967 ( )1957
( )1977 ( )1987

2- Shakira’s mother is from _______________
( )Libia ( )France
( )Colombia ( )United States

3- Shakira wrote her first song when she was only _______ years old.
( )8 ( )10
( )11 ( )15

4- _______________ is the title of her firstsong.
( )Estoy aquí ( )Antologia
( )Pies descalzos ( )Pienso en ti

5- Shakira also plays the ______________
( )piano ( )guitar
( )drums ( )violin

The greatest soccer player
The greatest soccer player in history. Pele visited Costa Rica a few years ago and won the love and admiration of the entire nation. Pele real name isEdson Arantes do Nascimiento. He is modest, charming and kind person. His nickname is El Rey Pele. He still the only player ever to win three World Cup Winner’s medals. He is still the most successful striker. The Brazilian, in his role as Minister Extraordinary for Sport said, “ some think that Brazil, with 160 million inhabitants, doesn’t need Costa Rica. That’s wrong; Costa Rica is a culturedcountry with one of the World’s best systems of education Brazil can learn a lot from you”. Adapted from Tico Times

6- Pele was an extraordinary _________player.
( ) tennis ( ) soccer
( ) volleyball ( ) basketball

7- Pele is a ________ and ________ person.
( )nice and honest ()modest and rich
( )modest and kind ( )charming and nice

8- Pele won ____ medals in the World Cup.
( ) one ( ) two
( ) three ( ) four

9- What is Pele’s nickname?
( )The Minister ( )The Brazilian
( )The educator ( )The Rey Pele

10- Where does Pele come from?
( ) Peru( ) Brazil
( ) Bolivia ( )Argentina
Soccer is King in Costa Rica
If you move to Costa Rica you will have to learn about soccer or fútbol as it is called here.
The game is almost a religion here.
Whenever there is a major soccer game virtually everything comes to a stop and the party begins.
Children of all ages can be seen playing soccer on...