Baco el dios del vino y su impacto en grecia

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  • Publicado : 10 de diciembre de 2011
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In the hills of Phrygia there is a swamp that was once a habitable zone. There presented as a simple man, Jupiter, accompanied by Mercury, were walking. Looking for accommodation as they walked, theywent to several houses and were closed. Only one was open, the elderly Philemon Baucis and her husband received them. who had spent his younger years together and she had grown old withoutbitterness sharing their scarce resources.

When the gods entered the cabin, the old seat and Baucis offered rekindled the fire and put to cook a cabbage, brought from his garden, and Philemon a piece ofdry-cured loin. They Chatted with them to ease the wait, prepared them a rustic bathroom in a trough and a single bed to rest and eat. The woman has the table, which had to fit, then a little uneven, andserves olives and wild cherries, and chicory and horseradish cottage cheese and eggs and undercooked, especially in clay pots. In addition to hot meals and local wine, offer nuts, grapes, apples,honey and friendly faces and good will.

In this they see the container from which the drink turns out he just to fill and level up. Philemon and Baucis astonished praying, pleading that they apologizefor the poverty of the service.

The only goose they had, they have to sacrifice to entertain their guests. The animal, escaping from them, took refuge with the gods, which prohibit it mate. "Weare gods, they say, and the wicked people of this area will receive their punishment. Acompañadnos Let your cottage and the top of the hill." They obey the elders and with difficulty up the slope. Lookback: the whole area has been covered with water, but his hut, which is turning into a temple, its columns struts, its thatched roof of gold, with carved doors and marble flooring.

Jupiter thenspoke: "Tell us, just old and woman worthy of a righteous man, what do you want". After speaking briefly between them, Philemon said: "We ask to be priests of this your temple and, as we have lived in...
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