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  • Publicado : 4 de abril de 2010
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Sherished will be every single moment we spent together. In my heart they will always be. You permanently marked my heart, not in a bad way but in a special way. My feelingstowards you were always complete, true, since the moment I first got to know you I inmediatley connected with you. You're awesome, kind, Sweet and so much more. I seriouslywould think that any girl would definetley want to be with someone like you, I honestly felt lucky.
You dug your self into my heart so deep, thats the reason why I canttake you off my mind. SInce the minute I get up in the morning Your the first one who I think about. Sometimes I don't mind you being in my mind, I just hate it when I realizeI miss you, thats when I get sad. What makes it worse is just to think as the days pass by,little by little without noticing I'll be thinking less and less of you. And thesame will happen to you. I hate how the mind works, it makes me sick. All I know is that I will never forgett you. There's always going to be something in the day that willremind me of you.
Your extremely special to me, and Yes, I hope to always be a true friend to you. I hope you know you could count on me. Im a Cherry Flavor Life SAver jajja.Im just saying you could always count on me. I wish you the best in life. You're the best I've ever had. Nunca me olvidare de ti, lo sabes. Y tambien sabes que aqui tienes unaamiga sincera que siempre te apoyara. No lo niego, It breaks my heart to know how you feel. And to know that we're not going to be together as we normaly used to be. Ialready miss going out whith you and your friends, well our friends. But its okay. Im trying to entertain myself with hOme WOrk.
Well I hope you read this, I trully Love you.
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