Barack and the hip hop

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  • Publicado : 3 de noviembre de 2011
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Barack Obama opinion of hip-hop

Interviewer: do you like hip-hop?
Obama: of curse
I: Who do you like?
O: you know I’ve got to admit lately I’ve been listen a lot of Jay-Z, this cool Americanganster albums.
I: what do you like about it?
O: it tells a story, you know is Jay, you know it got flow, kanye I like, but I have to admit, that you know I still I’m an old school guy, you know I’mstill you know, Steve, Marvin if you look back I bought…
I: Classics
O: on fire, isley brothers, temptations I’ve got a lot of that , a lot of old school stuffs, and you know honestly I love theart of hip-hop , I don’t know who’s loved the message of hip-hop, they’re times were, even on the ones that, even when the artist are named the artist I love, a message that is not only sometimesthere’s degrading the women, not only uses the “m” word o little too frequently but also, something I’m really concerned about, is always talking about materials things about how I can get something, how youknow I’ve got more money more you know cars…
I: but let me ask you this stuff because I like the way you’re going is great and I think that, would there be space in your white house, would you talkabout education, would you talk about incarceration, the reality of the hip-hop can engaged the very young people you have to deal with education, incarceration, would there be a place to explore, howhip-hop can be effectively used.
O: oh absolutely , I don’t think there’s any doubt that can be, u know I’ve met with Jay- Z , I met with Kanye and talk to other artists about how the tension leadsto brings their gap, and you know I think the potential of them to deliver a message, have an extraordinary power that it gets people think a bit you know they think about hip-hop, that today issmart, I mean it’s exited full the way that they can communicate a complex message in a very short space is remarkable and a lot of this kids are not gone a be reading the New York Times that’s not how...
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