Barack in madison

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ToDAY, change we seek, swept through theCHEsapic and over the PoTOmac.

We WON the state of Maryland. We WON the COmmon wealth of VirGInia, and thought we won in WAshington DC. This MOVement won’t stop unTIL there is change inWAshington DC, and toNIGHT we are in our way. ToNIGHT, we are in our way, we know how MUCH further we have to go. We know it takes more than one NIGH or even one eLECtion to overcome DEcades of money and theINfluences, ********* that LET you down, and TOLD you to SEttle. We know our ROAD will not be easy but we also know that in this MOment the CYnics canNOT longer say our hope is false, we have nowWON at east and west, north and south and aCROSS the whole land of this COUNntry we love.

We are BEtter, we are BEtter to aFIRM our ideals here in Wisconsin. We are a CENtury aGO the proGREssiveMOVEment was born.

It was ROUTed in the PRINciple that the VOIces of the PEOple can speak louder and …..the CItizens can be coNNECTed to their GOvernment and to one another, and that ALL of USshare a COmmon DESstiny an AMErican dream, yes we CAN reCLAIM that dream, yes we can heal this NAtion, the voices of the AMErican PEOple have carried us a great DIStance on this imPRObable journeybut we have much FURther to go. Now we carry our MEssage to farms and FACtories across the state and to the cities and the small towns to the over plains deep in the heart of texas, and all the wayto the democratic conVENtion in Denver. Is the same MEssage, Is the same MEssage we HAVE when we were UP, the same MEssage were we are DOWN, that as many we are one, that our destiny won’t bewritten for us but by us. And then we CAST off our doubts and fears and CRItCISM beCAUse our dreams will not be deFORM.

Our FUture will not be deNIED and our TIME for change has COME. I love you guys.
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