Barreras de la creatividad

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  • Publicado : 10 de marzo de 2011
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Analyzing personal barriers are the following: The barriers are specific to each individual, whether psychological and can be classified as follows:

1.Fear of change;
2. The routine of lifeand
3. The fear of making mistakes.

Fear of change relates to the fact that most people are afraid to change some aspect of their behavior, mainly because they do not know that could happen ifthey do, that is, they are afraid of what do not know.
On the second point we refer to the routine of our lives, most of us do not need to be creative in the strict meaning of the word, to performour core activities, such as attending school, work, shopping, etc. Such barriers are what is defined as a necessary evil, because without them we simply would not have order in our existence andhardly would achieve our aims and objectives.

The third point speaks of the fear of making mistakes. Most of us are afraid to undertake new and different action than usual for fear of being wrong.Nobody likes to be embarrassed in front of others or lose something valuable when deploying or venture into something new, however, remember that nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Now analyzingeducational barriers, we find that they are products of the education we receive from our children in the classroom. Inside barriers are to be those that have their origin in the absence or presence of aperson's knowledge.

The first group is ignorance, it is very difficult to have a creative idea without at least basic knowledge. Now here we have a contradiction because we have said that there arebarriers for the existence of knowledge, however, without knowledge there is no creativity.

The problem with knowledge is not them, but rather the problem lies in how they were obtained. This is whereour educational system has much to do, since this is the cause of many of the aforementioned barriers.
we are taught to find one, and only one answer to every problem, getting used to that at the...
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