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  • Publicado : 13 de diciembre de 2010
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Everybody can think that teaching is a easy thing but those people must reflect in what they hope of their students, it is so simple to stand in front of some students and start explainingany grammar structure, vocabulary and giving them some class work and homework; but thinking about the students’ performance or teacher´s goals, following that process teachers cannot reach theirlessons objective, in other words their students will not be able to apply the teaching topics in real situations.
Since I started learning about Communicative Language Teaching CLT and designinglesson following its objective I understand how productive are the CLT principles to carry students from learning to applying the language. CLT changed my mind and became me a teacher with a differentopinion about teaching process because Now I can make my lessons following a communicative objective and i introduce the engagement moment oriented to wake up my students’ interest and to prepare themto the topic through put in them useful vocabulary for the next parts. Following the ESA structure, I don’t consider the study part as the nucleus of the lessons I believe strongly that it helps us toreach the communicative objective but it is not the objective by itself; and study part can be doing in different ways which change according the kind of lesson for example in reading and writing itcan be skinning or scanning or it can de doing isolated or in group sharing opinions, summarizing etc., there are different ways to develop the study part but I use the activity according to mystudents focusing on their level, interest, age, environment and necessity.
I think that during the activate part students show what they really learnt by carrying out different activities were they givetheir own word according to the objective of the lesson, It can be a role play, debate, essay, project, so on. Although I give an excellent engagement, study part I cannot take the communicative...
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