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Good morning I am Ronald Daniele my speech is .about technical foundations of the basketball which principally are:
Pass: are the interchanges of the ball between players of the sameteam
Chest: the player throws the ball from his chest to the other teammate
Bound: the player throws the ball to the floor; it makes a rebound and goes to the teammate´s hands.
Over thehead: It is used especially by players to pivots and the ball is thrown over the head
·Alley-oop: The player throws the ball near the basket in order to a companion finishes the playHand to hand: when the players are so close they give the ball each other hand to hand.
Throw at basket: The shot or launch is the action where a player tries to introduce the ball insidethe hoop, they are:
In suspension: the player launch the ball to the basket after rising himself in the air, supporting the ball in a hand.
·free Shot: Launch from the line of free shots·Tray or double step: Launch in career, with an alone hand, after having given maximum two steps after stopping throwing the ball.
·Mate or overturned: Similar to the tray, butintroducing the ball in the basket of above to below, with one or two hands.
·Hook: Launch with only one hand.
Dribble: Action that consists of the fact that the player pushes the ballagainst the floor and this one comes back to his hand, we found:
Control: In a position without defensive pressure
Protection: If the rival defense makes pressure the player can bounceprotecting the ball with the body
·In speed: In career and going ahead
Defense: The defense in basketball is realized between the team that attacks and the team which try to avoid lateraldisplacements, a pass action, shot or attempt of penetration to basket. The players adopt a position raising his hands and going to left to right to difficult the movements of the opponent
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