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  • Publicado : 20 de septiembre de 2010
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Emiliano robledo cruz 902
The truth is me emiliano robledo from the group 902 is a very responsible student to do his homework because they are very important to me and to honor my family. In thepast year I was a student with a bad conduct and the kind of student who didn’t do his homework but now that I’m planning to enter the next year to the tecnologico of Monterrey is very important thegrade to enter that school.
Miss Sarah I am very sorry I didn’t do you homework let me explain you why I didn’t do it. The truth is I forgot to write all of my homework in my agenda that day and Iwas very stressed out because I was doing a test in a music school to enter.
Also I had a history project due for the next day that was extremely important for my grade obviously not as important asyou homework.
I have 10 simple logical reasons why students of my age should do their homework for their favorite teacher that in my case is miss Sarah
The main reason why a student should do his orher homework is to get good marks. If a student isn’t responsible enough as to do his homework, which impression might it cause on a teacher? Obviously a negative one.
Students should do theirhomework to not make the teacher angry and most important to create harmony between the students and teacher and therefore create a comfortable studying atmosphere.
Homework isn’t meant to bother students,it’s meant for them to practice the topics they learned.
Sometimes parents get really disappointed when their son or daughter brings a bad mark home. Parents even get to blame the teacher for it, butif only they knew that it was the student’s fault for not bringing the homework! So we, students, should not disappoint them.
A logical reason would be that it is our obligation to do homework andwe have to understand that it is for our own good.
When a student behaves responsibly and does the assigned work, he or she has to study fewer for the upcoming exam, because he or she would already...
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