Batna and zopa

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  • Publicado : 28 de agosto de 2012
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To limit a difference between BATNA and ZOPA, we must first know that it is a BATNA and ZOPA.
the first is BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement), which creates a framework on which youcan work, besides offering a choice position in case your ideal Terms are not attained and defend against counteroffers.

• Develop a list of actions you can take if no agreement is reached.
•Any improvement to turn promising ideas into practical options.
• Select, tentatively, an option that is considered the best.

In weighing these alternatives, find the "best" implies that communitymembers consider a variety of factors:

• What is the most feasible and realistic?
• What will have the greatest impact in the short term?
• If they close this plant, how many people will losetheir jobs?

This will provide us with tolerance to internal pressures that regularly ignore alternatives to accept unfavorable treatment because they do not have enough knowledge of thealternatives.
Reinforcing the vision of an offer and not fall in optimism, and have a reference bottom line with which to measure correctly the deals.
The second is ZOPA (Zone of Possible Agreement) is a toolused when there is a potential deal that could benefit both parties rather than their alternatives to choose from.
But in order to delimit a ZOPA have to know your bottom line and your counterpartyprovided by the BATNA.
But that means a ZOPA, is an area created when the seller's bottom line is less than the buyer, if this rule is not met ZOPA cannot exist and possibly a deal ever takes place.If both parties know their BATNA, the parties must be able to communicate, evaluate the proposed resolutions and finally, identify the ZOPA. However, parties often do not know their own BATNA, andare even less likely to know the other party's BATNA. Often, the parties are pretending they have a better alternative than what they actually do, as a good alternative usually means more power in...
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