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Kingdom- Mammalia
Phylum- Placental
Class- Chiroptera
Bats are the only true flying mammals having developed wings. This allows them to be very agile and swift to catch flying prey likeinsects. Most bats eat insects but some eat fruit and others attach themselves to larger animals and suck their blood. Most bats are only active at night, and because of their poor eyesight they useecholocation to view their surroundings. Echolocation is when they emit loud, high pitched noises and listen to the echo to see prey and other objects around them. This and their ability to fly makesthem very unique animals.
Bats use echolocation to find prey and their wings allow them to move swiftly to catch prey with ease. Since bats have to bite through the armour of insects or theflesh of fruit, they have adapted extremely sharp, pointy teeth and a very long tongue. Some bats suck the blood of large animals like cattle so they have especially sharp teeth to pierce the animal'sskin. Many bats also have specially shaped noses for a keen sense of smell and all bats have extremely acute hearing to help them use echolocation to locate prey.
Bats, like all mammals,have lungs that are powered by chest muscles that pull air in and out by moving the ribs up and down. Bat's breathing slows during hibernation because they do not need as much oxygen in their unmovingstate.
Internal Transport
Bats have a four chambered heart that sends deoxygenated blood to lungs and to the rest of the body through blood vessels. They have to different circuits of vessels- oneto and from the lungs and one to and from the rest of the body. These deliver gas and nutrients to every cell in the bat's body. Bats have one way valves in their veins and arteries to prevent bloodfrom travelling backwards.
Bats have highly developed kidneys to control composition of all their bodily fluids. The kidneys extract nitrogenous waste from the blood. These wastes mixed...
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