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  • Publicado : 1 de mayo de 2011
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Happiness in a society of individuals
Individuality in modern society increases the contingency of those motivations of happiness that remained unproblematic in stratified society: the weather thegeneralized normative bond, the lower the probability of sharing sensations of happiness/unhappiness. Within the context of the functional differentiation of society and high individual autonomy,happiness becomes incommunicable although it is precisely its incommunicability that may contribute, as a formula of contingency, to the social activation of love.
The author looks at some of ideologicalunderpinnings of the privatized culture. He argues that, contrary to widespread claims of the end of ideology, and of a non-ideological politics, what the people have witnessed is a major ideologicalchange whereby it is asserted that thinking about any kind of social totality, or composing visions of a good society, is a waste of time; and that looking to society for solutions for individualproblems is equally pointless.
Happiness in a society of individuals Zygmunt Bauman Zygmunt Bauman looks at the ways in which ideologies of privatization shape our desires, and at the reasons they areunlikely to be fulfilled. Nicolas Sarkozy, the newly elected president of France, declared in a June 2007 television interview: 'I am not a theoretician. 1 am not an ideologue. Oh, I am not anintellectual! I am someone concrete!'' What possibly could he mean by saying that? Most certainly, he did not mean that he does not hold to certain beliefs unswervingly.


The Existential Frankenstein
“…mine shall not be the submission of abject slavery… if I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear…”"... Shall Not Be mine the submission of abject Slavery ... if I Cannot inspires love, I will cause fear ..."
The doctrine of Free-Will lies at the opposite side of the Free-Will vs. The doctrine...
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