Be a model fro your kids

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Be A Model
Model proper behavior for your children. YOU are their best example. “Practice what you preach” is IN, “Do what I say, not what I do” is OUT! Talk with your children every day about theopportunities each of you has had to use good manners or show good behavior. Children are as interested in your day as much as you are in theirs.
Behavior Rules
Create your own family’s “SpecialRules.” Your children were not born with good manners or your family values. They need to be taught, age appropriately, these important guidelines. As a family, create your own set of Special Rules.Whether you are going to the grocery store, out to a restaurant, visiting family or friends or even eating at your dinner table, outline your behavioral expectations to your children and review them priorto the event. Include the kids in the discussion and it will have a bigger impact. When you teach your children good manners and family values, you instill self-esteem and social skills that will lasta lifetime. When leaving the house. Whether you are headed to a friend’s birthday party, Grandma’s house, or to the store, review your families Special Rules. If kids forget, parents need to remind.Reinforcement is key.
Request Politely
Help your children re-word inappropriate phrases. For example, if your child says, “Mom, get me some juice.” Your response could be, “Let’s add please to thatrequest, Mom could you please get me some juice?" It’s important that your children repeat, repeat the whole sentence.
Don't Humiliate
Don’t humiliate or embarrass your children. As upset andfrustrated as you may get when your child misbehaves or shows a lack of manners in public, resist the urge to reprimand them in front of people. Making a scene to teach your children proper behavior iscounter-productive. Look for a private place to discipline them or go home. 
be consistent. To be successful with teaching kids, you must be consistent.
That’s a fact.
Be Appreciative...
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