Beat generation

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In the fiftiess the united states wasn’t in their better times,in this decade this country was going throw many problems like a big economic depression wich had to all the citizens really worried because they could loose their joves there recently had been the second world war wich finished in 1945 and this country was still in the cold war and how all the people know every war meake a reallybig damage to every country and finally the threat of the atomic bomb had all the world really worried because it could be the end of the world for this many people specially teenagers start to make things to get out of their reality by consuming drougs and taking other kind of things with same effect (dp 1)

With all the things that happened in the fifties there start to appear slowly a newgeneration, the beat generation. Like the French impressionist artists of Paris, the beat writers were a small group of close friends first, and a movement later. The term “Beat Generation” gradually came to represent an entire period in time. The beat generation was one of the largest cultural movements of the twentieth century. What started off as a literary phenomenon soon professed to alife-changing attitude for thousands of people around the world. It embraced originality and individuality in the way people thought and acted. The beat generation threw out the old rules of literature, music, sex and religion, and its effects are still felt in the world today. One of the best things of this movement was the continual challenge to the limits of free expression, the Beat writers produceda body of written work controversial both for its advocacy of non-conformity and for its non-conforming style. (dp 2)

In the decade of the fiftiess there were many people who were so sad for the catastrophic events that had happened in the last years, for this in a conversation between Jack Kerouac and John Clellon Holmes who were two of the precursors of the beat generation appear thenecessity of name this generation of people , so for this they decide to call this group of people, incluiding themselves with the name of “the beat generation” for the term beaten down To the diffusion of this term there contributed that in 1952 in the new york times magazine appear an article of John Clellon Holmes called “This is the Beat Generation”. With the time this term started to be used forthe most part of the people of this country and many of them gave a different meaning to the frase, therefore in 1959 Jack Kerouac thought that it was necessary to expand the meaning of the term, over time adding the paradoxical connotations of "upbeat," "beatific," and the musical association of being "on the beat” (dp3)

This term appear in 1958 when a periodist called herb caen with theintention of parody and reffer contemptusly to the beat generation and it followers after a little months after the publication of the booh “on the road” wrote by jack kerouac. The beat writers reject the term for being derogatory however the term beatniks were adopted and difussed for the media applying it to a stereotype youth distinguishable for the form of dress that had turned into a mode andrelationing it with laziness people, the violence , the vandalism. With the time the people started to use this term of indiscriminated form to the stereotype and beat writers with them folowers, but taking away all the difrent connotations that could have the term beat generation we never must forgot the real meaning that it had wich was a way of naming a group of friend writers and themfolowers wich had the same form of thik about the reallity that they were living and that share the same hobbies and sources of inspiration like the jazz.

How I have explained before jack Kerouac was one of the most important precursors of the beat generation but now I will show you better who really was this important manJack Kerouac is best known for his work On The Road. Kerouac was one of the...
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