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Official Beatles Fan

A history of The Beatles started in Liverpool, a port and industrial city in central London, with an intense maritime traffic to U.S. andEuropean ports.
John Lennon and Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr) was born in 1940, 1942 Paul McCartney and George Harrison in 1943. The life of all of them boys was to lowermiddle class neighborhood.

The beginnings of The Beatles started from the first student parties and performances in church halls and family ceremonies with differentconfigurations and names such as The Quarrymen. The group was shipped to Hamburg professionalized when John, Paul and George (three guitars) plus Stuclife Stuart onbass and Pete Best on drums. It was in Hamburg where the group really is polished in endless nights playing at full volume in seedy bars.

In September 1962 recordingLove Me Do you get an acceptable success and reach the Top 20 singles, which opens the way to start a successful nationwide tour. In 1963, Please, Please Me reachednumber one in England and the Beatles' fame begins to grow disproportionately.

In mid 1963 he released his first LP Please, please me that has a tremendous success andfrom there begin a successful career success unstoppable. With the tour of the United States, his reputation and global reach is the highest honor the queen of Englandwere named Knights of the Empire, and when they are chosen to inaugurate All You Need Is Love the first international television channel.

The year was 1963 andBeatlemania was only just beginning. Soon the Beatles had fans all around the world.
For the rest of the 1960s their music led the way and they changed modern music forever.
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