Beauty through history

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  • Publicado : 30 de mayo de 2011
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 On the one hand, in the 15 th century, for men and women blond hair considered a sign of beauty and high class as they tried to take this result using chlorine, saffron, onion skin dye or sit forhours in a hat without a crown in the sun.

 On the other hand, in the 16 century, men began to wear short their hair, beard and mustache. And women began copying the Queen Elizabeth from hernatural pale skin and her red hair. They used rouge on her cheeks lead-based color with the dye had colored eyebrows and lips.

 While in the 18 th century, men's fashion was to wear white wigs gatheredin a long braid in the back of the neck and tied with a black ribbon. And the society women wearing wavy or curly hair decorated with garlands or bows. Besides, their hair adorned with feathers,ribbons, jewels, vessels, including gardens and zoos. Their hairstyles requiring several hours of work, each of three weeks.

 The Victorian took a modest beauty, natural, restrained and without makeup.The upper-class women used a few cosmetics. But these were more used by actresses and prostitutes and most women were more elegant and rescued. They wore greased their hair and wore long curls and atangle of curls or braids in the back. The men kept short their hair and sometimes curly or oil, they also had a variety of mustache, sideburns and beard.

 In 1920, the film's impact was felt forthe first time; women took the signs of the beauty of movie stars. This year returned the intensive use of makeup, the women wore white powder, cream rouge on her cheeks, eyebrow pencil and her lipspainted red. The men wore parted their hair near the center and slicked back with pomade (oily substance), as well as some of them adopted the "conk"(which is to straighten hair.)

 Throughout 1930and 1940, became popular hairstyles more feminine and women copied the curls, curls ribbons and waves bright of movie stars. Tanned skin for men and women was a symbol of the upper class. The men...
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