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  • Publicado : 13 de diciembre de 2010
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I have waited my all life to study in english and speaking to it everyday. English, has played an important role in my life, it helped me to communicate and to meet some wonderful people fromdifferent countries. Now that my high school course is about to end, i think the moment has arrived. I have been looking for a school which allows me to communicate with people and understand what theyneed, in order to work for them. After having read the programmes of the courses offered by ESE, my first choice will be the 3year BA in Organisational Communication with Media Management; especially forit's features such as the strategy about communication skills and of course the possibilities in can offer as well as the internship programme and studying abroad. I would really like to study in aforeign country beacuse i believe that it could be the begining of an independent life creating your own personality; in this way you start to be more responsible as a person and start to face yourselfwith a new lifestyle and challenges towards your future and what you want to be. Also for the fact that it might help you to develop your social networking skills and improve the communicationabilites. I consider myself a very creative person, always ready to discover and learn new things as i learn quickly. So if I gain this opportunity with ESE all I can do is I am still studying in a highschool, attending the last year which is addressed for studying languages such as english, french and spanish and thanks to them i started to travel which became the most pleasent thing that I like todo. I always like to travel, without programming and organizing the journey and things to do. That because i love the adventure and live my life in very spontaneous and natural way. I began my firstjourney when i moved it italy with my family in 2002, i was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I've been living and studying Rome for more than eight years. In rome i found my love for art and photography;...
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