Beeing a teenager

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  • Publicado : 28 de abril de 2011
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Beeing a teenager

When people talk about teenagers, they mostly say things that are much farthest from reality than they believe. Since they use totalk only about the bad side of adolescence on television, this might be the most guilty influence on these kind of opinions. Society tends to thinkteenagers are all the same, that they are all irresponsable boys or girls who want to grow old too quickly, that they all do drugs, that they’re not matureenough to truly love, that they’re all violent etc. I think it absolutly doesn’t go this way.

Beeing a teenager is actually really difficultsometimes, we do have problems, like everybody, not everything is that easy. Partying and this kind of things aren’t our only worry. It’s the most importantphase in life. It’s when the time of discovering who you are comes, it’s when you’re going to do your own and only personality as a result of starting tojudge things that happen around you. Not only it’s a hard part of your life, but you also have to deal with sudden changes of humour due to the factthat most of time you feel lonely, ununderstood. Everything goes on for us just as it was for adults when younger, however it looks like they don’tremember that phase they’ve been through.

In conclusion, teenagers need to be less despised by some people, even if those think they have to tell themwhat’s wrong or right, they don’t realise that won’t help, because sometimes all we need is to break rules to learn by ourselves what’s wrong or right.
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