Behavioural segmentation

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Behavioural segmentation divides customers into groups based on the way they respond to use or know of a product.

Behavioural segments can group consumers in terms of:• Benefits Sought:
An important form of behavioural segmentation. Benefit segmentation requires Marketers to understand and find the main benefits customers look for in a product, and providesinformation of why the people buy in a market, identifying opportunities. It is a fundamental method of segmentation because the goal of marketing is to provide customers with benefits that theyvalue.
An excellent example is the toothpaste market where research has found four main "benefit segments": economic, medicinal (decay prevention), cosmetic (fresh breath and with teeth) and taste (greattaste).
1. Colgate: different sub-brands that provide each of these benefits (Colgate Total Advanced Fresh Gel – Fresh breath, Colgate Max Fresh Cool Mint – taste, Colgate CavityProtection – decay prevention, Colgate Simply White and Ultra-brite Advanced Whitening – white teeth).
2. Plus size market: women’s size 14 and up. The challenge for manufacturers is to producesclothing for this market that fits well and is still fashionable.
• Purchase occasion:

When a product is consumed or purchased. For example, cereals have traditionally been marketed as abreakfast-related product. Kellogg’s have always encouraged consumers to eat breakfast cereals on the "occasion" of getting up. More recently, they have tried to extend the consumption of cereals by promotingthe product as an ideal, anytime snack food.

• Purchase behaviour (loyalty):

The degree of brand loyalty in a market is a useful basis for segmenting customers. Solus buyers are totallybrand loyal, buying only one brand in the product group. These customers are valuable customers. Many companies try to segment their markets into those where loyal customers can be found and retained...