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  • Publicado : 7 de septiembre de 2012
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* 150 Coils of Magnet Wire
* 150 Coils of Copper Wire
* 2 sheets of Sand paper
* 1 Strong Magnet
* 7 pieces of pre-cut and pre-drilled wood* 3 Light bulbs
* 1 Base for lightbulb
* 1 Digital voltimeter
* 100 meters of Copper wire
* 100 meters of Magnet wire

* I cut 7pieces of wood into 4” X 4 squares and glued them together.
* I drilled a hole thru the wood and placed the magnet between the pieces of wood.
* I put awooden dowel rod into the drilled holes and thru the magnet. (This was done to be able to spin the dowel rod around the magnet and that creates the electricity. Theelectricity is then transmitted thru the wires.)
* I wrapped 150 coils on each side with magnet wire. After I finished doing the coils I had to wrap the ends ofthe wires around each other so they were touching.
* I stripped the end of each wire and connected the exposed wire to the light socket with the light bulb tomake sure that the light bulb socket and the wire were touching.
* I first tested the copper wire. The magnet wire tested positive for conductivity. Thefaster I turned the dowel the brighter the light illuminated. The light bulb extinguished when I stopped turning the dowel rod. I then decided to test different typesof wire to determine their conductivity.
* I removed the magnet wire and replaced it with copper wire. I placed the same amount of copper wire, 150 coils,onto the project as I did with the magnet wire.
* I turned the dowel rod with the same speed as I did in the magnet wire experiment. The light did not illuminate.