Beneficio de la comida organica

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Have you ever wondered why is it that in these days there are more people suffering from obesity and some other sicknesses like cancer and diabetes than fifty years ago? What has changed? It has to do with our lifestyle and our new way of eating food with chemicals (non-organic food) that did not exist before. There are multiple debates going onregarding the effects that non-organic foods have in our health and our environment, and whether these effects are really dangerous or not. “Organic farming strictly limits the use of artificial chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Antibiotics for animals are kept to an absolute minimum.” ( Because organic food costs more to produce, it is also more expensive for consumers to buy. Somepeople think that it is worthless to waste money in “costly” organic food, but how more expensive can it really be? How many benefits could it bring for people’s health and for the environment? It is very useful to think about these questions and realize that everything we can do for our health and our planet is worth the effort and must be done. The reality is that almost everything people eatnowadays is made out of unhealthy artificial additives that can turn out to be dangerous in the long run. In other words, organic food is worth the “extra” cost, for two reasons: it is healthier and it helps the environment.
Even though there is no strong scientific evidence that proves the health benefits of organic food, there has been done research in many different places that recognize that thistype of food can be at least slightly healthier than conventional produce. According to an article published in the web site of the BBC, a group of researchers from the London School of Hygiene and tropical Medicine found out that there is actually a difference between organic and non- organic food: “…findings showed that about a third of the organic foods studied do offer marginally improvednutritional benefits compared to their conventional counterparts...” ( Of course there has to be differences, ones have chemicals and others are naturals, you do not need to be scientists to prove it. If you just go to Whole Foods and to a non-organic supermarket for example Publix to buy bananas the same day, you will easily note that after a couple of days, the bananas bought in WholeFoods are already matured (they are completely natural) while the ones bought at the non-organic supermarket are still as they were the first day (because of all the chemicals they have.) This is just an example of what can be seen from outside, so it is logical to think that they are, and act also different inside our bodies. There have been done many scientific studies that prove how importantit is for our health what we eat. Obesity puts people at risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer, which should us to think twice about the consequences there are when we eat unhealthy food.
Having talked about the undeniable differences there are between organic and non- organic food before and after being eaten, it is time to mention why people should be aware of this big, but disguised assmall difference. Even if it is just a tiny nutritional variation when eating only organic food, it becomes a considerable one when it comes to our health. What can be more important than that? Probably nothing, so it is the goal of every parent to give their kids the better quality of food there is on the market, it had be proven that it is organic food, even if it is just for a little difference.Yes, it is a bit more expensive than conventional food but it is definitely worth the effort, if you can afford it. The effort is worth just because by eating organic foods, you and your family are going to be at least a bit healthier and that, as the smile of a child, is priceless. Just think that you are paying a bit more for your health, because you deserve it.
Not only our children will...
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