Benefits and side effects

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Benefits and side effects
Deapite the proliferation of new technologies, teenagers still spend a lot of time glued to the box.
Read these teens´opinions.
I love TV. The first thing I dowhen I make up is to switch i ton. My favourite cannel is the Cartoon Network.
I watch TV three to four hours a day. My parents think it is too much and they are always telling me to do somethingelse like studying, Reading or doing a sport, but TV is my favourite hobby and I don´t feel like doing anything else. Of course I know that my mnarks at school would be better if I concentrated more onschool work and took more time to do my homework, but I guess I´m addicted to my favourite programmes. Anyway, I have already promised my parents to watch less TV every day. I quess I´ll have to goearlier to bed…

KATE; 14
I think TV has become a great source of information. I know most teens don´t like watching the news, but I do. I like to know what is happening around our world. I alsoenjoy documentaries, especially about wildlife. I´m very curious about the way animals live and what is being done to preserve their species. I always have a lot of fun watching TV. Another great thingabout TV is that I can listen to my favourite music and watch the video clips at the same time. I also enjoy watching live shows and films, mostly comedy and thrillers, though I also like watchingdramas now and then. I watch TV two to three hours a day.
I like TV as everybody else, but since I have done some research work for school I´ve become more slective about the programmes Iwatch. I like watching the news and some games shows like “Who wants to be a Millonaire?”, so I don´t really spend too much time in front of the box, an hour or two a day… I´m more aware now of the goodand not so good effects of TV. Some programmes are educational and help us to develop and use our imagination, but many are full of violence. There are also so many soaps and reality shows that...
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