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Born March 21, 1806 in San Pablo Guelatao, Sierra de Ixtlan, Oaxaca. Modest peasant's son Marcelino Juárez and Brigida Garcia, was orphaned at the age of three years. Was protected bya Spanish priest.
He studied law at a seminar, he left to continue in the Institute of Science and Arts. In 1847 he was appointed governor of Oaxaca, a position he was re-elected a year later, for aperiod of 4 years. In 1854 Ayutla Plan enacted in calling for the creation of a constituent assembly under a federal constitution. To seize power by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, in 1853, wasimprisoned and exiled to Havana. Deported to New Orleans (Louisiana, USA), returned to his country in 1855 where he participated in the liberal revolution that defeated Santa Anna. Juarez becameattorney general of the new government and began the 'Law Reform' (liberal reforms), which were included in the Constitution of 1857.
A year later she began to act as interim president, following theoutbreak of a rebellion by conservative elements. Little by little we were eating ground up to be in a situation where you had to flee the capital, so they moved the new seat of his government to Veracruzwhere he began a series of radical reforms, such as reducing the power of the Church Catholic by seizure of church property. In 1860 defeated the conservative forces, setting back his government inMexico City. In 1861, in accordance with the Constitution, he was named president.
Due to the poor financial situation, caused by five years of civil war, was forced to suspend payments to foreigncreditors. France, Spain and Britain, in protest, landed troops in Veracruz. Juarez negotiated with Britain and Spain, getting their troops leave Mexico, but the French continued in the country andarrived in the city of Mexico, Maximilian, Archduke of Austria, imposed by the Emperor Napoleon III of France was crowned emperor of Mexico in 1864. Juarez moved his capital to the north and continued...
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