Benjamin franklin

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Benjamin franklin
Youngest child Franklin was the fifteenth man of a total of seventeen brothers. Its formation was limited basic studies in the South Grammar School, and only until the ten years(1714 - 1720). First it worked helping to its father in the factory of candles and soaps of its property. After looking for satisfaction in other offices (sailor, carpenter, bricklayer, and turner), thetwelve years it began to work as apprentice in the press of its brother, James Franklin. By indication of this one, it writes its two only poetries, “the tragedy of the light” and “Song of a sailorwhen it was catched to the famous Teach, also known by “black Beard the pirate”. It left east sort by the critics of its father. When he was 15 years old, his brother founded the New England Courant,considered like the first really independent newspaper of the British colonies. In this newspaper, Youngest child wrote his first works, with pseudonymous of Silence Dogood. With him it writes hisfirst journalistic articles, of critical tone with the authorities of the time. Its liking by the scientific subjects gave beginning in the middle of century XVIII, and agreed with the beginning of itspolitical activity.
•In 1743 president of the American Philosophical Society in United States
•From 1747 it was dedicated mainly to the study of the electrical phenomenon.
•In 1752 it carries out inPhiladelphia its famous experiment with the comet.
•His first incursion in the policy took place in 1736, year in which was chosen member of the General Assembly of Philadelphia.
• It also inventedthe call furnace of Franklin or chimney of Pennsylvania in 1744.
•In 1747 it organized the first military service of volunteers to defend Pennsylvania, being named member of the commission ofnegotiation with the native Indians in 1749.
•In 1776 participate in very intense form in this process. It influenced in the writing of the Declaration of Independence
Franklin was a scientific prolific...
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